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Highly Nutritious

Fodder is 80% digestible as opposed to about 30% digestibility for dry grain.

Save Money
Fodder is very cost effective.  You are basically creating pasture out of water and thin air.

Reduced Waste
The entire mat is eagerly consumed, roots and all.

Provides Superior Nutrition
Fodder provides a much higher protein and vitamin content than dry grain.  Since the
mat is living, it also provides enzymes and micro-nutrients that are not available in dry

Year Round Green Feed
Enjoy the rich milk and eggs one usually gets only during the Spring year round.

Saves Water
It takes much less water to grow Fodder than to water pasture.  Water can be
recirculated through the system and then used to water other crops.

Peace of Mind
Grow Fodder regardless of local weather conditions.  A year’s worth of grain can be
purchased while prices are low and stored to be used as needed.






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