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Half-Pint Homestead Fodder Kits

Our Complete Fodder Kits provide you with lush green Fodder every day.  The automatic watering system complete with timer allows you to adjust the watering schedule to what best suits your grain type and climate.  We offer kits that range in size from the tiny tabletop Micro that will feed 4 rabbits to the big 18 tray system that will feed up to 90 rabbits.  Growing Fodder with our kits is just like have a pasture in the house all year round!

Each Fodder Kit comes complete with:FodderKits

Ready to Assemble PVC stand
Fully Assembled water supply pipe
Aquaponics rated Submersible Pump
24 hour Mechanical Timer
Plastic sump/storage container
Super Duty trays
Complete Assembly Instructions

And FULL Tech support!

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