10 Tips for Canning Over a Wood Fire

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10tips“For our first fire canning experience, we decided to use our pressure canner as a water bath. We wanted to get a feel for how much wood it would take to build a fire hot enough, how long it would take for the canner to come to a boil, and just practice the process before throwing pressure canning into the equation. We had been given a lot of zucchini and yellow squash, so we decided to make bread and butter squash pickles.
The second day we did more squash, dill pickles, and used the pressure canner for green beans. (See 16 Tips for Pressure Canning Over a Wood Fire for more specific information about pressure canning.) We did twice as much food in half the amount of time! It was a long, hot day. We couldn’t stop sweating and were dumping cold well water over our heads, but we canned a lot of food! It was a successful day!
Here are the tips that I’ve learned from my wood fire canning experience”:  Continue Reading