3 Pillars of Independence In homesteading and prepping

3 Pillars of Independence In homesteading and prepping

3 Pillars of Independence In homesteading and prepping


3 Pillars of Independence In homesteading and prepping


A motivational drive to the survivalist life is independence. Some folks, including myself, want to know they can make it on their own. We stockpile food, ammo, guns and other supplies we feel are pertinent to our independent survival. So now you do the same… you pile it up, prep it out and wait for the SHTF reason to use it.

Meanwhile, people that you talk to at your work, school, or church that might not share your convictions don’t understand what you get from it or why you do it. They see a pile of supplies you’re never going to use, tons of money they would have spent elsewhere, and they see you as someone HOPING for the catastrophe.

Now, you can scoff back, and say, “they’ll be sorry” or “Hope they don’t knock on my door when the SHTF” (that’s usually my reaction to someone ridiculing my way of life). But my original goal has not been met.

Sure I will be independent should the government fail or another widespread disaster ensues, but here in the now, I’m still dependent on gas stations and power companies to provide energy, trucking, and supermarkets to provide sustenance, and drug companies and pharmacies to provide medicine. To be truly independent you must be able to control these three things; Food, Fuel, and medicine.

Urban Farming/ Homesteading

Sure you got your canned goods, they will last forever… well, sort of… canned goods last as long as they aren’t eaten or expire. I look at canned food as future empty shelves. True nutritional independence comes from renewable food sources.

Urban, suburban and country farming are the ONLY ways to be nutritionally independent. In my town of 5 million, Phoenix valley Arizona, there is, on average 4 days of food on the shelves of the stores. Our supply line goes down, the town goes down.

But in a town as big as this we still average 2500 square feet of back yard and 1600 square feet of rooftop per family. That means rain harvesting and back yard farming!! Integrating quail, rabbits, black soldier flies and aquaponics will allow you to maximize your food production per square foot and increase your efficiency.

3 Pillars of Independence In homesteading and prepping

3 Pillars of Independence In homesteading and prepping

Fuel! It’s what I burn!

Stockpiling fuel cans? Well, I hope you have them in a safe place and you are cycling through them frequently. The fumes released are the light volatiles that burn easy and give fuel the “snap” to light. You don’t want them airborne in your garage or shed. Also, when you lose those volatiles to evaporation, you can’t use them in your engine!!

Old fuel is worthless. So what’s the answer? Gasification, anaerobic digestion, and fermentation are bio produced means of fuel production.  There is solar power, wind and hydroelectric as well.

It’s Medicinal, MAN!

Now, medicine is a bit tricky. All the healthy food coming from your back yard will really help your health, but there is a LOT of other sicknesses that you may need to fight. Essential oils and homegrown herbs are a good place to start.

There are many sources on homeopathic medicine and home remedies. Also, anti-biotic mold can be GROWN and used. People forget that these pills had to come from somewhere.

Seeds not Pills
replace your pill containers with these!

So now to jump up on the crazy conspiracy soapbox; this nation, hell, this WORLD is ruled by a small number of families that control mass production of Food, Fuel, and Medicine. If you can master these three items, you will be independent of the system, yet still be a viable member of society… both pre and post SHTF!!!

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