5 Easy Steps Into Backyard Homesteading

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I call it Backyard Homesteading but you may have heard other names like, urban homesteading, suburban homesteading or backyard farming. But the basics are the same – taking the space you have and raising food on it and reclaiming vintage skills.

It’s funny that in 2014 it has become a somewhat trendy thing to do; as if it’s a revolutionary idea. But, in truth, this is really taking a concept that has been part of our lives until the last few decades and making it work in today’s home. From the meat rabbits of the great depression to the victory gardens of the World Wars; growing food in your yard has been a tried and true way of life.

So maybe you’re ready to take the plunge but you aren’t sure where to start. Here are 5 easy steps you can take to ease yourself into Backyard Homesteading.  Continue Reading