Agriscaping: Edible Elegant Landscaping

At Hostile Hare, we are carnivores. We like MEAT! Rabbit, quail, chicken, goat, deer, elk, beef, pork… we love to eat it all!!! Well, you may have noticed that the recipes we share aren’t just dead animals heated up in various ways… we like our spices and herbs and steamed and roasted vegetables and fruits… these are the great amplifiers of meat! SO, where do the veggies come from? Well, hopefully, YOUR backyard!! If there isn’t a supply of meat adorning veggies pouring from your landscape, we need to fix that! Time to call up the pros at Agriscaping: Edible Elegant Landscaping!!

These are NOT run-of-the-mill gardeners, they are landscape designers that incorporate beautiful, edible plants into elegant landscape displays. Agriscaping also considers the needs of the family and will help you meat your goals of food production that you set.

Chances are, you’re already paying to water your non-edible landscape, and probably pay a landscaping company to maintain it. Those expences could be turned into an investment that could pay you in food for your family, or, even make you money selling the surplus!! You may as well get something from that yard that’s costing you money just to look pretty… its time your yard pays YOU back by producing MORE than good looks!! So click one of these banners and get started on your own edible eligant landscape today!!

Agriscaping: Edible Elegant Landscaping isn’t just a consumer product either… they will train YOU to do what they do!! You can contract with them to be a consultant, designer, teacher, and partner with them to install and maintain edible landscapes as well! If you are interested in taking your urban farming interest to the next level, this is a great place to start!!. I have been through the classes and LOVE what they taught me… As you can tell, I’m a livestock guy, I never was much in the garden. But what I learned from Justin and the guys at Agriscaping got me ready to get more dirt under my nails, and veggies in the fridge!! Below is a link to the training info.

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