Creating Your Own MREs

Creating Your Own MREs

Creating Your Own MREs

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As preppers, we have become very familiar with MREs or Meals Ready to Eat.  Some we like, some we don’t…  But if you were making your own to your own preferences and tastes you’d not only like them more but you’re saving money. Better start Creating Your Own MREs

“Humans have been preserving their harvest well before modern conveniences like pressure canners and deep freezers were invented. Preserving the harvest was the art of delaying nature’s natural effect on food – spoilage.

Being resourceful… and just plain hungry, our ancestors figured out ways to make food safe to eat long after living food was dead. Fermenting, smoking, drying, grinding, pounding, salting, and/or curing were preservation methods Native Americans, frontiersmen, long hunters, mountain men, and pioneers used.

None of the above, are you?

Maybe you hike, camp, or hunt. What I’m about to share will even be useful to hungry desk jockeys looking for a protein-rich, healthy snack you won’t find in the processed-food vending machine at the office.”

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