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There are a lot more myths than truths out there, when it comes to homeschooling.  But on this week’s We Grow Ours, Nick and Don are talking to Tiffany Davis.  Tiffany dispels homeschool myths that are on the minds of those not familiar with this type of education.

Dispelling Homeschool Myths via

Dispelling Homeschool Myths

Tiffany Davis is an eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) mother of four that loves life and has a fun loving humorous spirit.  Tiffany has been Homeschooling since 1996.  She, and her husband Troy now have; 2 graduates, a high school senior and a 3rd grader.  Tiffany encompasses 19 years of homeschooling under her Supermom belt that have been full of a variety of successes and failures! She is not afraid to share her experiences and assist other mothers/families in their homeschooling adventures.

Tiffany also writes on her popular blog, Imperfectly Happy.  On the blog she shares on topics related to backyard farming, DIY, and gardening; in addition to homeschooling.  She has a passion to help others where ever they are on their journey. Whether she’s talking about homeschooling or homesteading, Tiffany does it from the heart of encouragement.

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