Homesteading with Kids

Are you homesteading with kids?  This week on the We Grow Ours show we are discussing homesteading and prepping from a child’s perspective.  Nick and Don have Brandon and Josh (2 of Don’s Kids) are in the studio to share their experiences.

Homesteading with Kids|via

Brandon has grown up in a normal subdivision and is a big part of the journey that Don and his wife Angela has taken. Brandon suffers from high functioning Autism, and he has lead the family down a path they never knew existed. As a search started to find ways of treating autism, a journey to raising our own food started, along the way homeschool also became a need. Don and his wife Angela have learned so much from this experience we decided to bring the kids into the studio for our LAST show on KFNX. That is a story for another time, for now… Enjoy “Homesteading with Kids!”


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