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Hostile Hare has an Affiliate Program! If you feel like selling urban farming equipment, have a website and a social media following, feel free to apply! I only have a few spots left, but I want to give the Hostile Hare followers a chance to make some Bunny Money!!!

Hostile Hare Affiliate Program

So, sign up for the program, watch the “How-To” video below, then share your favorite Hostile Hare content. Whether it’s a blog post, recipe, or product, the affiliate program tracker will track anyone you send through your link. If they buy something, you will get a percentage of the sale!

If you’d like to participate in the Hostile Hare Hare Affiliate Program, you will need to stay active. You’ll need to share your affiliate links and generate traffic to the Hostile Hare website consistently. If your activity drops off and no one uses your links, we will remind you to share more. If there still isn’t any activity on your links, we will have to give the spot to someone more active. I wish I had more spots, but i’m limited on the number of affiliates i have in the program.

Hostile Hare is super excited to have this oppertunity to work with you! Finally we have a way to reward those of you that share our stuff! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!!

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