Hostile Power – An alternative to the power bill

Hostile Power – An alternative to the power bill

We at Hostile Hare are all about growing our own food.  It’s hard to miss that point, but did you know that the rabbits were originally purchased as part of an alternative fuels experiment?  In 2009 five female rabbits were purchased for the purpose of pelletizing unorganized biomass I.E. grass clippings and other landscape debris.  Nick Klein is a bit of a mad scientist in a villain’s lab experimenting with alternative power sources… Well, roughly translated, he’s actually a crazy redneck lighting shit on fire in his back yard…

Flamethrower raw power

That being said, Gasification was the project, the landscape was the fuel source and the rabbits were the happy organizers… Then, a common visitor to the rabbit raising world showed up one night call the “Sex-Change Fairy” and one of the five females dropped the “fe” and started breeding.  The gasification project was put on hold while the farming project emerged… 2 years later in 2011, coincidentally the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese, Hostile Hare was made official.

Farming was always in Nick’s blood, his family has been doing it for years… but the subject of alternative fuels is his true passion.  Bio diesel, gasification, anaerobic digestion for methane production, alcohol, and last but not least, solar power!!!  Solar power seems to be the link in all of these things. The sun makes the world go round… Grows the grass and trees that become the biomass used in these power projects, it can be used in solar powered gasification, distillation of alcohol, and of course, solar panels.

Hostile Hare has teamed up with some ambitious electrical engineers and is supplying more self-reliant, sustainable products for the homesteading crowd.  We are making some sturdy power sources. We are starting with solar, water distillation, but will be moving into gasification and alcohol production soon!

offgridbox woods

Click the picture to go to check it out! Tell them Hostile Hare sent you for a $500 dollar discount!

As we try to become more sustainable and more self-reliant, we need to edge away from the huge, centrally provided power and gain the ability to supply our own.  These “alternative fuels” or power sources are becoming more mainstream, slowly but surely they will replace the costly infrastructure of conventional AC electricity supply.  It is up to us to make the shift from dependence to independence.