Keep Your Humanity When The SHTF

Keep Your Humanity When The SHTF


There’s a lot of hypothetical situations for a grid down, SHTF scenario, and widespread apocalyptic events.  A question that goes along with preparing for such a breakdown is this: how do you keep your humanity or do you abandon it during such an event?
I don’t claim to be an expert on sociological for psychological theory, but what I do know is that when I’m hungry I’m angry! When your needs are not being fulfilled, your body makes you desperate. When your body gets desperate your morals suffer…
So the problem to solve is how do you feed yourself in a SHTF scenario?

How Do You Feed Yourself in a SHTF Scenario?

There are lots of answers; begging, FEMA(not my first choice but it might be your last), piracy, excessive storage of canned goods, or, my favorite, ya grow your own! If you are debating whether you’d “be able to eat the family pet” or “could you kill for food”… you’re doin it wrong…  that’s not preparation.  If you want to “keep your humanity” in a SHTF scenario, prepare to grow your own food!  Better yet, GROW your own food NOW!  There’s plenty of sources on gardening, and is the source on small/urban livestock.

Hostile Hare rabbit prepper

Keep Your Humanity When The SHTF

You can be a homesteader NOW, and not have to worry about being able to grow food when you “have to.”  So keep your humanity,  don’t plan to eat the dog or cat or your children, grow your own food NOW!

Hostile Hare teaches people, like you, how to grow food in a limited space.  In 36 square feet, you can raise up to 5000 pounds of meat annually (using the right equipment).  Combine rabbits, quail, fish, and gardening and you’ll have as much food as you need for the SHTF scenario of your choice (or enough food to feed your family in a healthy, safe and responsible manner).

Homestead girls with rabbits