Live Food Storage: Homesteading With Rabbits

Live Food Storage: Homesteading With Rabbits

“Live Food Storage: Homesteading With Rabbits… with LFS systems, a small footprint, and a little FUN labor you will feed your family all they need. One of the other benefits of raising animals is you are no longer a “food hoarder”, you are a producer…”

Prepping/ Food Storage

Prepping. The term seems like a new crazy cult-style movement that is sweeping the nation. This “new” set of ideas includes stockpiling food, ammo, and medical supplies to outlast and survive “X” catastrophe(replace “X” with your own worst nightmare/disaster). What people fail to realize is this movement towards preparedness and survival is not a compilation of new ideas and tactics, it’s a resurrection of nearly dead skill sets and ideals.

Most of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-great grandmothers were preppers; but we didn’t call it prepping back then. What changed the mindset? The first widespread retail refrigerator was the GE fridge that hit the market in 1926. Seven years later the supermarket replaced the small grocers and farmer’s markets, thus ushering in the era of “Pile it high, sell it low.” By the ’40s people had become hooked on convenience…

So what do the fridge and supermarket have to do with the modern “food hoarder?” Well, before these two changes to society, EVERYONE had a garden or access to one, EVERYONE had canning supplies and/or meat curing techniques in the house, and EVERYONE knew that winter was coming, and they’d better have a leg up going into it… The difference is that today we have food at our fingertips ALWAYS. It’s in our fridge, it’s a rolled down window away while driving, it’s in the deli in our office building, in a candy wrapper in our desk, it’s a phone call and 30 minutes away ALL…THE…TIME… So why worry?

An Uncomfortable Truth: No Public Food Storage

The truth is, the supermarkets, the restaurants, and convenient stores carry 3-7 days’ worth of food on their shelves and storerooms. If supply were interrupted and a panic happened, it would be gone in hours. So how probable is it that supply be halted? Ask the hurricane survivors, ice storm survivors, and other disaster victims. “But I live in a mild climate and don’t have to worry about disasters…” OK, how about hyper inflated fuel prices and trucker union or owner/operator strike? We are just one busted fuel pipeline away from a supply chain stand still.

Wanna get crazy?

Now, you may notice that I have not gotten into the “tin-hat”, “black helicopter” conspiracy theories, why? Because my goal is to usher you to the opening… you have to decide how far down the rabbit hole you wanna go… So in short, having 3-6 months food storage is NOT a crazy waste of money, it’s a cheap piece of mind. If you have food storage, why do you need rabbits and other livestock? Well, friendo, canned goods have a definitive end.

Live Food Storage: Homesteading With Rabbits

Whether eaten or expired, all stored foods will eventually be empty shelves unless replenished. Rabbits and the “Live Food Storage System” are your means of replenishment. You can store seeds instead of food and increase your storage space to food ratio %1000. With the fodder and LFS systems, a small footprint and a little FUN labor will feed your family all they need.
One of the other benefits of raising animals is you are no longer a “food hoarder”, you are a producer and have been elevated from the title of “Prepper” to “homesteader”… it’s got a bit of a ring to it, right?


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