High-Quality Rabbit and Quail Cages for Urban Farming Homesteaders

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At Hostile Hare we are committed to producing High-Quality Rabbit and Quail Cages because we understand what it’s like to depend on farm equipment. Failure of housing can be dangerous to the animals and unproductive to the homestead. Keep your quail and rabbits safe and comfortable with High-Quality Rabbit and Quail Cages made here in America!

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Check out our delicious rabbit recipes!

Ground Rabbit Shepherd’s Pie
Ground Rabbit Shepherd’s Pie

Around here we like one pot meals, and this Ground Rabbit Shepherd’s Pie fits the bill.  Talk about comfort food...

Sour Cream Rabbit Enchiladas
Sour Cream Rabbit Enchiladas

Sour Cream Rabbit Enchiladas…let’s make it for dinner tonight!  Easy recipe, amazing results – you’ll be making these over and...

In The Begining

The first 5 rabbits did fine in our secondhand hutches until the hutches started coming apart. We had bunny rabbits running loose EVERYWHERE! The rabbits turned their wooden hutches into chew toys, then into kindling… it was a mess.

The need for quality cages was apparent, but proper materials were not to be had in small quantities. I shipped in 14 and 16 gauge cage material to build some proper cages. The first set I built was a nice hanging style that went up in my 3-walled shed. They were huge and inefficient. The rabbit cages were too deep to reach a rabbit laying against the back wall, so tall they took up a lot of volume in the shed, and so wide it was difficult to catch the bunnies for inspection or removal. The oversized cages caused other issues as well, when spooked, the rabbits could get up enough speed to seriously hurt themselves against the opposite wall. The next generation of rabbit cages proved MUCH more suitable and are still in use today.

After the very expensive learning experiences of starting up, I started to feel I was knocking the rough edges off my rabbit cage designs and rabbitry function. The new 36-inch by 24-inch footprint kept the rabbits snug and feeling safe. The 15-inch tall roofs were sufficient to let the rabbits stand, and keep their ears up while laying down without their ears hitting the cage ceiling. With the newly designed cages, I was able to take the barn that only fit 5 cages before and convert it to hold 24 breeding females and 10 males. My rabbitry went from producing 20 bunnies a month to 120 head a month. The new cages were also MUCH easier to clean!

The Famous Rabbit Man: Hostile Hare

The Phoenix New Times

The Phoenix New Times– Nick Klein is a mass murderer — of rabbits. No, really. Klein is an enterprising businessman and owner of the “Hostile Hare,” a company that specializes in raising meat rabbits, selling meat-rabbit cages, and educating others on the ins and outs of raising rabbits for meat

The Prepper Broadcasting Network

The Prepper Broadcasting Network– Nick Klein blog owner at Hostile Hare and Podcaster at We Grow Ours.com from Hostile Hare will be on the show this episode talking all about raising rabbits for meat not only for the fact that they are delicious but also to talk in detail about how one goes about beginning to grow rabbits for meat, selecting the correct breed, humanely processing them and much more!

Voyage Phoenix

Voyage Phoenix– Nick, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I was just looking for a natural pelletizer for my biofuels project and decided to use rabbit manure. The five rabbits turned into 50 in less than 8 months, 50 turned into 1600 after my first year. I started selling rabbits and cages after that, focusing on the prepper and homesteader target audiences.

Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio– Nick & Tony discuss how raising rabbits is your quickest and cheapest solution for producing protein in your prepper diet.  From birth to butcher in only 8 weeks, rabbits can quickly produce a huge supply of protein.  They are easy to raise, reproduce well … like rabbits, and very inexpensive to feed.  Learn how you can start raising rabbits for your off the grid, self-reliant protein production.

Living the Country Life

Living the Country Life– When Nick Klein moved from a cattle farm in Wisconsin to a small lot in Queen Creek, Arizona, he still had the desire to raise livestock. He bought a few rabbits, which quickly multiplied into many rabbits, and created a business. He markets them as breeding stock, sells cages, and also teaches workshops on raising rabbits as livestock.

Off Grid News

Off Grid News– Renowned rabbit keeping instructor Nick Klein recently sat down with Off The Grid News to share some of the secrets of the trade. Klein is the owner of Hostile Hare, an Arizona-based business. Rabbits are perfect off-grid and doomsday preparedness critters to have around the homestead for many reasons, according to Klein. 

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