Prepper Apps: Survival Tech For Your Phone

Prepper Apps: Survival Tech For Your Phone


Is There an App for When the Lights Go Out

It seems that life is now ruled by apps. You can download a meditation app that reminds you to stop, breathe, and calm down. It has soothing pictures and music to help you unwind because obviously, people are too busy to remember to relax these days.

A timer app allows you to focus for 30 minutes, intently mind you, on any task. A buzzer goes off at the end of 30 minutes because you simply cannot break away to glance at a clock. The theory of relativity now makes perfect sense after just 30 minutes of intense focus.

There is an app that reminds you to say sweet things to your significant other. Life is so hectic that people have to be reminded that they even have a significant other and that they must say nice things to them once in a while. It is an app where you set it and forget it, it automatically sends the messages, because, well because you are simply too busy to do it yourself.

Let us not forget there are apps that allow you to track your significant other as well. Stopping off for bread and milk or working late, really, well the app says differently. Is there an app that packs your bags and then tosses them to the curb? Someone needs to get on it then.

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