Rabbit Pot Pie in Cast Iron Skillet

Rabbit Pot Pie in Cast Iron Skillet

Rabbit Pot Pie in Cast Iron Skillet

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This pot pie recipe with rabbit has the filling cooking in the slow cooker while you’re off doing other things, and then you simply assemble it in your cast-iron skillet and bake it in the oven! You can make the crust from scratch, or use the pre-made ones available in grocery stores. Just be warned that the pre-made crusts might not be large enough for an 8-inch skillet, but you can fold them over the filling and make a sort of turnover.

1/2 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
4 medium carrots, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 stalks celery, sliced
1 onion, chopped, or pearl onions
1 1/2 pounds boneless rabbit, cut into 1- to 2-inch pieces
1 cup frozen peas
3 tablespoons fresh dill sprigs
2 pre-made pie crusts, or top and bottom crust made from scratch

In slow cooker, blend together wine, water, flour, salt, and pepper. Add carrots, celery, onion, and rabbit; toss to combine.

Cover and cook until rabbit is cooked through and easily pulls apart, 4 to 6 hours depending on your slow cooker. When the rabbit is fully cooked, add peas and dill. Cook for a few additional minutes.

Line cast-iron skillet with one of the crusts, fill with rabbit mixture and then top with the other crust. Bake according to crust directions, or according to recipe directions for made-from-scratch crusts.

Recipe originally posted on Grit.com