School Supplies to Stock for Emergencies

School Supplies to Stock for Emergencies


Preparedness Items to Get in the Back to School Sales

When I was a kid, school supplies displays didn’t start showing up until just a few weeks before school started. And once they did you knew your summer was almost over. But you had the whole summer to enjoy before that moment happened. It was always a shocker to walk into the store and see those displays show up. But nowadays, the displays and whole areas of the store are devoted to Back to School by the beginning of July! You don’t even get a chance to enjoy the summer much before you have to be reminded that school is about to start again. How much fun is that?!

In my ongoing series of how to take advantage of the end of retail sales cycles to help your family become better PREPared, we’ll tackle the Back to School Sales!

A simple walk around the back to school section of Target shows you how retailers and marketers are taking advantage of your interest in school supplies, organizational desires, pandemic fears (have you seen the amount of hand sanitizer in the school section?) and more. You can keep an eye out now on what you’ll need when you’re doing your back to school shopping, and also when it’s time to begin clearancing out those items after school starts. So let’s run down a list of what you might find there and how you can use it!  Click Here To Continue Reading