DIY Self Sufficiency Projects

DIY Self Sufficiency Projects

Self Sufficiency Projects don’t have to be expensive or terribly difficult.  If your goal is to live more self sufficient then these DIY Self Sufficiency Projects are for you.  We’ve compiled some of the best DIY projects out there for you to use in meeting your goals.  A self sufficient life takes time and effort to achieve the ultimate goal.  We think both preppers and homesteaders will find these self sufficiency projects worthy of their time.

DIY Self Sufficiency Projects via

DIY Self Sufficiency Projects

Self Sufficiency Projects – DIY Greenhouses

Become more self sufficient by being able to grow year round in a diy greenhouse.  You’ll be surprise what materials can be used and how inexpensively they can be made.

Hoop House for under $25

Old Windows Greenhouse

$50 Greenhouse 

Lean-to Greenhouse

Self Sufficiency Projects – DIY Compost Bins

If you’re going to garden a compost bin is the best way to ensure healthy soil.  Not to mention in a self sufficient life you’ll need a way to deal with your waste.  You don’t need to buy an expensive compost bin – make your own!

Cheap & Easy Trash Can Compost Bin

Scrap Lumber Compost Bin

DIY Compost Tumbler

DIY Kitchen Counter Compost Bin

Self Sufficiency Projects – DIY Water Collection

Any prepper or homesteader will tell you that water is key to life.  A water collection system can be constructed to water both garden and animals, sometimes people too.

DIY Garbage Can Rain Barrel

Large Barrel Rain Collection

Self Sufficiency Projects – DIY Chicken Coops

We think rabbits are the bomb diggity of self sufficient life.  But eggs are great too!  You can construct a simple and efficient coop or tractor for your chickens without breaking the bank.

Build a coop for less than $50

Build a Kick Ass Chicken Coop

Easy DIY Chicken Tractor

Self Sufficiency Projects – DIY Solar Power

Ready to get off the grid?  The pinnacle of self sufficiency is off-grid power!

 Solar Power System

DIY Solar Power