Solar Cooking in the Sun Oven

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This week on the guys of We Grow Ours are talking solar cooking with the Sun Oven! They review SUN OVENS® and chat with the owner, Paul, all about what we can do with it. Don has put his through some major testing, and it has really held up!


Solar Cooking in the Sun Oven

For the past 28 years SUN OVENS® have been proudly made in the U.S. We believe in free enterprise
and seek to take a private sector approach to helping solve problems, which are often left to governments and nonprofit organizations, by developing self-sustaining projects in Third World nations. We strive to assist entrepreneurs to make and market GLOBAL SUN OVENS® in the country in which they will be used. In addition, we assist in implementing projects to help orphanages to gain self-sufficiency through the sale of bakery goods sun-baked in VILLAGER SUN OVENS®.

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