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Survival Medicine – Duct Tape 911

Survival medicine is the topic of the day on this episode of We Grow Ours.  Nick and Don’s guest is the Survival Doctor himself – Dr. James Hubbard.  The author and expert on survival medicine and how non-medical people can use it.  His latest book is Duct Tape 911 and he is walking us through a few situations where duct tape could be used as a treatment.

Dr. Hubbard has dedicated himself to teaching survival for SHTF scenarios.

I’ve come to realize many very smart people don’t know the basics about medicine. Now I’m not putting that down. Place me near a leaky faucet and my wife hides the tools. But if I have a flooded basement and can’t get a plumber, I know how to turn off the water supply.”

“I think about that every time there’s a hurricane or earthquake or other disaster. I thought of it after the Japan nuclear disaster, and after the London riots. What if those people are unable to get out of their house and medical personnel can’t get to them? For hours, days. Worse, what if their phone lines are down? What if the ERs are packed, or damaged themselves?”  – Dr. Hubbard