Your Bug Out Bag is Missing These!

Your Bug Out Bag is Missing These!

When it comes to “bugging out” I usually say “opt out”.  I’ve worked hard to establish a homestead and I wouldn’t want to leave the bunny rabbits behind.  My bug out bag would have to include a rabbit carrying cage and a mini fodder system!!!  That being said, this article addresses some items that aren’t at the top of your BOB contents list.

“Bug out bag contents have been a topic of heated debate among enthusiasts for quite some time now. And with so much information on the Internet, it seems like every bug out bag (BOB) conversation tends to gravitate towards the cliché.

There are the minimalists who think a fixed blade knife, matches, and an industrial garbage bag are more than enough to survive the next eruption of Mount Kilimanjaro. You also have the gear junkies who treat BOB building like packing for a 2-week cruise. And then you have the tacti-cool school of thought: heavy firepower and MOLLE webbing will procure all other survival needs.”

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