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Why Hostile Hare? 

At Hostile Hare we believe in self-sufficiency; it is more than an internet buzzword, it is a way of life.  We want to help you on your path to a more self-sufficient life by supplying you with rabbits, cages, and education.  Hostile Hare offer workshops that will teach you all the ins and outs of raising rabbits as livestock.  Whether you are a backyard farmer or a hard-core prepper, we’ve got the tools and information you need.

Who is Hostile Hare

HH is owned and operated by Nick Klein.  Just like you, Nick has been watching the atmosphere of our world shifting.  He was looking for ways to be more independent and this continues to be the motivation behind Hostile Hare.

Making Cage Frames

“I’m a farm boy, raised around beef and dairy cattle, conventional crops, and hard work. My dad, uncles, and grandparents all farm in Wisconsin still. I’m an alternative fuels geek which just means I’m a pyro that grew up and has a respectable hobby to justify lighting stuff on fire…

Hostile Hare flame thrower Alternative fuels

The Unexpected Business

One alt-fuel project, gasification, got me thinking about pelletizing biomass by feeding it to animals. Rabbits were the ideal animal for the backyard. I could replace a gallon of gasoline with 11 pounds of rabbit manure and a gasifier. Plus, I could eat any rabbits I was done using as pelletizers.  I bought 5 female rabbits, or so I thought…

Three months later I had tons of babies, started selling them and found the market had more demand than I could satisfy. I turned it into a business in 2011 and ramped up production. 

I love teaching, talking to new people, and watching them take control of their food supply. “Control what you eat from seed to meat!” That’s Hostile Hare’s slogan.

Many people don’t know what the food industry does to make the food they take for granted.  When they find out about all the sketchy actions in the industry, they either complain about it, buy better food from trusted sources, or grow their own. I cater to that last group and help them cater to the second group; those that buy better food. 

I build/sell quail and rabbit cages, teach classes on Homesteading/urban farming, run a blog on these topics and frequent social media groups and pages offering advice(and promoting my products a bit).

Speaking of which…Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube!

Animal Welfare. 

We at Hostile Hare, believe in respecting our food, that is why we raise our own animals. Rabbits, quail and other livestock deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Not only does raising our own allow us to know what goes into our foods, but it also allows us to know how our food was treated and processed. We house and process our animals in humane ways, not only because it is healthier, but because it is what is right! We teach this philosophy to others and hope to change the way people shop for food. Compare our products to others on the market and you will find that they are built with quality and care that the animals deserve and that make your job easier.

Animal Rights Activists: Please see the video for Nicks statement