Best Pig For Small Homesteads

kune kune pig


The Best Pig For Small Homesteads

Have you wondered what the best pig for small homesteads would be?  Sure the Berkshire is a great heritage pig, but they also weigh 600 lbs at full maturity; not exactly an animal for a small scale farm.   A pot belly pig could be a choice but they are pretty fatty; that’s great if you mainly want to render lard.  What about the KuneKune?  Haven’t heard of the KuneKune?  Well we’ve got the podcast for you!

“This week on the We Grow Ours show, Nick and Don have Craig from Lonesome Star Farm talking about his pigs! These “little” pigs are a great homesteaders choice! The KuneKune.. Craigs has a great reputation in this industry and is a breeder of these little piggy’s. Lonesome Star Farm’s Kune Kune pigs are pure-bred, registered, and DNA validated.

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