Going Off grid with the OffGridBox

Going Off grid with the OffGridBox

How do you provide water and power for your off-grid homestead? Let’s be honest. It’s hard to live without electricity- even if you want to. A Boston-based clean-tech company explores a unique way of living off the grid with a turnkey solution. You can purify water and generate electricity straight from a small metal shipping container. Yes, you heard that right. OffGridBox is an all-in-one solution that provides clean water and electricity by using energy from solar panels to operate the system – all fitting inside a 6 by 6 feet shipping container. They even claim the water tastes better than American standards!


What’s even better? In case of an emergency, the panels can be uninstalled in only 30 minutes, packed up into the box, and securely locked. Not only is durability a major advantage for keeping unwanted guests at bay, but in the event of a natural disaster you’ll be the first one back up with electricity and clean water again. Keep the box long-term because it can last 20

offgridbox woods Going Off grid with the OffGridBox

Part of what it means to be truly disconnected – fully appreciating your environment away from the hustle and bustle of society, no longer depending on the unreliable electrical grid, and saving money on bills – can be fulfilled with this simple little box. In the end, OffGridBox aspires to help people become secure, sustainable, and self-sufficient no matter where they live.

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Here at Hostile Hare, and Hostile Power we are grateful for the opportunity to promote and sell these OffGridBox. Go to www.offgridbox.com and use the promotional code “Hostile” for a $500 dollar discount on your 6×6 unit.

Going Off grid with the OffGridBox

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