Farming and Homesteading: Nick’s Awesome Origin

In this episode, Nick’s Awesome Origin: Farming and Homesteading… We all start somewhere…and this week the guy’s are talking to Nick’s dad, Jerry, a farmer, and cattleman.  Following in his own father’s footsteps, Jerry is farming the family acres.

Farming and Homesteading
Farming and Homesteading

Nick, Don and Jerry talk history, conventional farming’s pros and cons and a farmer’s view on GMOs.  Add in a dash of varmint control and you’ve got one awesome episode!

“My Name is Nicholas Frederick Klein. I was named after my two grandfathers, one an engineer, the other a farmer. I learned a lot from these men: animal husbandry, farming, how to work hard, and how to work smart. I combined my love of farming and my engineering mind to build solutions for those wanting to control their food supply. Hostile Hare is the product of that combination. At Hostile Hare, we create Urban Farming Solutions. “

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