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This Rabbit Breeding Calculator Gives 3 “rebreed” defaults of 45, 60 and 90 day intervals. You pick which date is most ethical and convenient by your standards. I choose to rebreed every 45 days, giving me 8 kindles per year. Most of my “rabbit math” is based on that cycle. Here you can find more info on rabbit breeding. If you would like more info on rabbit output, consult this graph below.

The Rabbit Meat Multiplier

Hostile Hare Rabbit Meat Multiplier
Down the side is the number of kindles per year, across the top is the number of does in the rabbitry. The products assume an average of 8 kits per kindle, butchered at 5-5.5 pounds rendering 3 pounds of rabbit meat per butchered rabbit.

Rabbit Breeding Calculator.

Note: The year may not appear correctly in the results field. However, the last two digits will correctly reflect the year.

Featured Products

  • This Single Rabbit Cage with Pull-Out Pan is perfect for backyard meat rabbits. Whether your intention is to use this rabbit cage as a buck, doe or grow-out cage, it will provide a comfortable, easy to clean bunny dwelling.
This Doe Chart can be printed and pinned to your doe cages to track your doe's progress and production and can be used with the Rabbit Breeding Calculator
This Doe Chart can be printed and pinned to your doe cages to track your doe’s progress and production.

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