The Perfect Backyard Livestock: Rabbits

backyard meat rabbits


We know, they’re cute and fluffy…but rabbits really are the perfect backyard livestock.

Here are 7 more reasons to help convince you!

1. Raising Rabbits for Meat

If you’re interested in meat production whether you have official acreage or not, there are some good reasons for considering rabbits. Starting a meat rabbitry involves very little capital considering how many fryers (young rabbits) one buck and two does will generate in just half a year. The gestation time is a mere thirty-one days.

Plus the meat from this little livestock is a lot less expensive to produce than that of larger livestock, such as beef or swine. Another perk that’s becoming more important to people every day is that rabbits are a very “green” livestock. Because they are kept in cages the land is left untouched.

2. Raising Rabbits for Wool (Fiber)

Angora rabbits are well-loved for their kind temperament, friendly attitude, and silky, cloud-like coats. Angora wool is in high demand and considered top-drawer in the fiber and hand spinning market.

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