Zip Tie Tips Tricks & Uses

Zip Tie Tips Tricks & Uses: Zip ties are one of those essential items in our house – we use them for everything.  Sensible Prepper shows us 24 ways we can use them in a SHTF situation.



Transcript for Zip Tie Tips Tricks & Uses below


the zip tie was invented in 1958 and
since that time it has become a really
convenient way to organize and to repair
and do a lot of different things and
they also come in a lot of different
sizes shapes a lot of different lengths
widths colors there’s just so much you
can do with zip ties there’s a lot out
there so what I want to do is do 15
different uses for zip ties in an shtf
situation or a survival situation and
why I think it’s extremely important
which a lot of you guys do I know I see
them a lot of times in bug-out bags
having a few zip ties and maybe this
will give you some ideas that you can
utilize with your zip ties before shtf
but definitely during one of the number
one uses that most people use is to keep
cords together whether it’s behind a
computer or like this this is a little
camera cable cord let’s go ahead and
lock it up and it keeps it very
organized I can hang it however I want
and obviously with even bigger cords
helps you to secure it and organize it
of course another way is to restrain
someone with feeder hands now I have
some larger wider zip ties for this I
just couldn’t get my hands on them this
is definitely going to keep you busy for
a while also go on YouTube there’s a lot
of videos on how to get out of these and
I may need it
with all the pals or MOLLE webbing that
you have being able to take a zip tie
like this little flashlight sheath I
can’t attach it so I’ll put it right on
the outside of my gear that way I can
get to it quickly if I need to it’s not
necessarily packed away really for items
that you use a lot or you want to keep
handy it really does work really well
there’s no way to really attach this
otherwise it is good and secure on your
now radios are notorious for coming off
packs they have this little clip it just
doesn’t hold even if you use the clip
you can pack this down little carabiner
or your d-ring dealloc
you’re really tight on there that’s
going to hold much better on your pack
here it’s not going to slide off now
typically if you have small clips and
you try to use those from Mali they can
work for a little while but they can
easily come loose here you’ve got it
secured it’s not going to go anywhere
and yet you need to get to it
clip it off use it put it right back on
if you’re packing your bag and you have
some loose articles like this t-shirt or
different things pants take a zip tie
and you can really get it compressed
down this is going to get it really
tight and you can really cinch it down
obviously with this length we could have
even folded it over and made a little
ball but you get the idea a lot of
different bags and packs have the zipper
locks where you can actually take a
small padlock or here a zip tie secure
it down that’s going to keep anybody
from just coming around and messing with
your gear without you knowing now they
can take the whole bag but this
definitely will slow them down but even
if you don’t have the small locks you
can either take pulls or your grab
handle like this just gives you some
security again even this old magazine
pouch maybe you need to carry it by hand
you can either use this loop or the belt
loops give yourself a handle be able to
carry it that way and of course that
applies to a lot of other situations
another really cool trick especially
with Spyderco is to take a small zip tie
just secure it get it pretty tight we’re
just going to trim off the edge now once
this is in place you can move this
either side according to which pocket
you’re going to wear it in how you carry
your knife and I’m going to demonstrate
how this will open your knife really
quickly slip it down into my pocket then
when you draw it it’ll actually deploy
the blade when you place the knife in
the pocket make sure that the little nub
here the little
lock on the zip tie is on the side of
your clip so as I pull the blade out it
deploys automatically and the more you
practice the better gets the first time
I saw this was Crockett 20 he had one on
a knife and this was when I was out with
nutnfancy at the all-star shoot and
Crockett Medus for dinner and he was
demonstrating this in the parking lot
and this is just an ingenious little way
to use a zip tie you have a cut or wound
you can use the zip tie to be able to
hold this secure this will hold into
place and he can get medical attention
but it’ll also add pressure to the wound
with the bandage
now with the splint set up use to twist
ties together to make a length if you
need to and of course you can add as
many as you need to get the length since
these down and you get yourself a
makeshift splint now some say that zip
ties can be used as a tourniquet but all
the medical professionals I’ve talked to
have said no go this is too thin you
need something wider to be able to
really get a hold of that and stop the
blood now if you have a tarp and you
have eyelets you can run it through the
eyelets to make a makeshift shelter
tighten it down and that’s really going
to hold it secure and you can bring out
your other now if you have gear that
breaks especially straps you can run
your zip tie through the buckle get it
started and you’re gonna be able to get
home or complete the mission these can
also be used as a snare now how that
works you got me but if you can catch
something in this you’re doing good by
the way if you know how leaving the
comments below also taking zip ties
especially if you’re going to be out in
the woods using this as a Gator this
keeps all the critters out of course
hanging things is definitely a big plus
being able to secure it hang it
especially with chickens around they’ll
knock this thing down really secure here
for the coop I just have the door
secured with the zip tied it’s been that
way for a long time so it holds up well
hello ladies you can repair fencing with
it and obviously chicken wire
this will hold into place until I can do
a better repair or with the plastic it’s
not going to go anywhere here on this
lawnmower these brackets have become
loose whatever was holding it before and
take pull this together tidy it up
keeps it from breaking another use is to
mark trails especially the multicolored
type that will really help you to know
where you’re going especially if you’re
backtracking yourself and you find a zip
tie of a certain color dude I feel like
we’ve been here before
oh we have been trail marker in winter
months you can also put zip ties on your
wheels and this is going to give you
some traction in ice and snow
now the zip tie works by this little
locking system inside this head and it
secures itself to the ridges on the zip
tie and so as the piece goes in you can
hear the clicking and this secures it
into place now to reuse your zip tie
right here if you can pull that little
locking piece down either with a
fingernail or in my case just a small
screwdriver get up under a little lock
then you can pull the zip tie loose now
one thing I will warn you about is
sometimes you can put too much pressure
on this lock and it disables the zip tie
but here we still have a good secure fit
if you’ve used a zip tie instead of
cutting it right here in the middle try
cutting it right next to where the lock
is pull your piece out and you can reuse
the leftover section now typically when
you cut a zip tie to trim it to have a
sharp little piece there and that can
cut you if you’re not careful but here’s
a little trick to keep it from doing
that take a pair of pliers and just
twist that off and that makes it a lot
smoother edge right there in fact
there’s no edge it’s been pushed through
and I saw that on Wrangler star so kudos
to Wrangler star another little trick is
to take a length of paracord about a
foot long slip it through your zip tie
and then just start pulling back and
forth it’ll snap the zip tie you still
have your paracord if you only have one
size zip tie of course you can cut these
down however you want to but you can
extend the length just by adding these
zip ties together and so however many
zip ties you have you can definitely
extend this out into a even like a rope
or something like that and it holds
really secure of course there’s a
million other uses for zip ties but
hopefully this will get you started
thinking about taking regular household
items that you can use for a multitude
of purposes especially when supplies are
zip ties a great item to stock up for
your preps be strong be of good courage
god bless america
long live the Republic
now I’m ready to rock

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